“Focus thermocouple, platinum resistance design, development, production10years”
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      Dongguan Deming Instrument Co.Ltd.,is a more than ten years in the country, thermocouple, platinum resistance design, development, production experience for the whole enterprise. The main products, thermocouple, RTD (flameproof, wearable, general, special, armored), thermocouple quick connectors, junction boxes, B, R, S, K, E, J, T various types of temperature wires and other compensation, product variety, complete specifications rich.
     The company has experienced management team and technical staff, our advanced equipment, machinery and laser welding equipment, to provide quality and convenient services, has been unanimously endorsed by many domestic and foreign customers, products exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, countries.
     Over the years, my company is due to the strong support of the community, has now developed into a professional instrument production company, depending on the quality of life and reputation of survival, technology and development, to serve a brand, we sincerely welcome friends using the "Deming" series.

Dongguan Deming Instrument Co.Ltd.

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